• Course catalogue

    List of first, second and single cycle degree courses.

  • It is established, for the academic year 2020/2021, the 36rd PhD cycle of doctoral research courses at the University of Foggia. Notice is given of the selection procedure, based on qualifications and interviews, for admission to the following Ph.D programmes: “Economy, culture, environment. Economic and humanistic sciences for the valorisation of territories”; “Management of innovation in the agricultural and food system of the mediterranean region”; “Translational medicine and management of health systems”; “Neuroscience and education”; “Legal sciences”.

  • Servizo Counseling Unifg

    The word counselling comes from the latin term “consulo” (to take care of / to help someone). This concept was first introduced by the psychotherapist Carl Rogers. The main goal of counselling is the process of focusing on limited time issues and specific problems in order to achieve precise and concrete results.