An Erasmus tutor is a student of the Foggia University who should attend your course of study and can help you in many ways when your Erasmus experience is about to commence: picking you up at the station when you arrive, showing you the city, helping you make new friends, accompanying you to the International Relations Office and to your Department.

Tasks of an Erasmus Tutor

An Erasmus Tutor assists the Erasmus incoming students; each Tutor is committed to helping up to 5 foreign students. His/ Her tasks are:

  • sending an email to the Erasmus incoming students before they arrive at Foggia, this way establishing a first contact;
  • accompanying the Erasmus incoming students and introducing them to the International Relations Office for registration;
  • helping the Erasmus incoming students with bureaucracy and administrative tasks (resident permit, enrollment, tax payer’s code, etc.), in their meeting with local teachers at their relevant Departments; 
  • providing either information on the course organization (academic calendar, scheduled time of courses, etc.) or advice on how to find such information;
  • assisting the Erasmus incoming students in getting to know our city, and helping them acclimatize to it, this way encouraging their social and cultural integration.