The EU 2014-2020 programme for education, youth and sport, which was proposed by the European Commission on 23rd November 2011 (hereinafter referred to as «the programme»), has not been adopted yet by the European legislative authority. However, the Commission has decided to publish the invitation to submit proposals, either to enable an easy implementation of the programme as soon as its basic deed is adopted by the European legislator, or to enable potential beneficiaries of the European Union subsidies to prepare their proposals in time.

In addition, the implementation of the invitation to submit proposals is subject to the following conditions:

  • the adoption by the European legislative authority of the basic deed that institutes the programme without introducing substantial changes, 
  • a positive opinion or the absence of objections by the Committee of the programme instituted by the basic deed,
  • the adoption by the Commission of the annual work programme for 2014, after having consulted the programme committee, and
  • the availability of the allocations foreseen by the budget project for 2014 after the adoption of the budget for 2014 by the budget authority or those foreseen by the provisional budget, whenever the budget is not adopted.

The invitation to submit proposals is therefore not legally binding for the Commission. In case of a substantial change in the basic deed by the European legislators, the awarding authority reserves the right to renounce this invitation to submit proposals or to cancel it and publish other invitations with different contents and terms suitable for the presentation.