The European Commission has recently approved the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education of the University of Foggia. Thanks to this Charter, our University will be able to participate in the international initiatives and compete for the funding of the new ERASMUS + Programme for Education, Youth and Sport in the 2014 – 2020 period.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education defines the general qualitative framework that encompasses the European and international cooperation activities that can be conducted by a higher education institution in the Erasmus + Programme context, and it is the precondition for participating in the Programme.

By means of the Charter, the University of Foggia has committed itself to complying with the qualitative requirements related to Erasmus mobility. In particular, such requirements concern: compliance with the basic principles of acknowledging the academic activity conducted abroad by our students; no discriminating against those students involved in an international experience; providing quality services to support international mobility.

A new feature of the 2014 – 2020 Charter, requested by the European Commission to all Higher Education Institutes, is the introduction in the Charter of the description of its own internationalisation strategy, including indications on how such strategies are correlated with the European Agenda for the Modernisation of Higher Education, which has been developed by the European Commission.

By signing the Charter, the University of Foggia has committed itself to publishing such strategy on the portal. The strategy is called “Erasmus Policy Statement” within the document.