Come in person to Erasmus office

At the end of your Erasmus study period, you must come in person to our office in order to return your booklet of exams and possibly to sign other documents: 

  1. Statement of Erasmus Period/Certificate of attendance
    The Erasmus office will issue this certificate to a student. The dates indicated on the document will be:
    arrival – the date indicated on your confirmation sheet, at your first appearance at our office
    departure – the day of the student’s last personal appearance at our office. We can’t sign the document with the final date before that date has passed.
  2. Transcription of records
    Please note that all passed courses will be listed on your transcript but no failed courses will be listed. Only courses you have taken at the University of Foggia will appear on your transcript.
What you can do after you finish your Erasmus study period in Foggia

Keep in mind that the Erasmus experience does not end with the end of your period of study! Take new opportunities to study / work!