• I am an Erasmus student and I have been selected to go to the University of Foggia, what should I do?
    Your University should email the following data (Home University, Erasmus code, Name, Surname, Date of birth, Place of birth, E-mail, Period of study, Area of study, level of study) to relint@unifg.it by 15th June (for 1st semester and full year) and by 30th November (for 2nd semester).
  • Where can I find the Application Form for Incoming students?
    Starting from Mid-May, International Relations Service will send by e-mail to the Incoming students the access for our on-line application form
  • Will I have to pay tuition fees?
    Erasmus students and students under a bilateral exchange agreement do not have to pay any kind of tuition fee. These students are admitted on a no-tuition-fee basis.
  • How can I find accommodation in Foggia?
    The University of Foggia helps foreign students look for lodging, thanks to the support given by the Erasmus Student Network of Foggia section and Cercoalloggio.com,  a student housing services.
  • How to get to Foggia?
    The closest airport is BARI PALESE from where you can get the direct bus to Foggia railway station! Check the timetable
    If you will arrive by plane in Rome or Milan or Pescara , the easiest  and the most comfortable way to come to Foggia is coming by train to the Railway station ! Check the website of TRENITALIA to book your ticket!
    If you will arrive by plane to some other cities , there are a lot of bus services which stop in Foggia! The cheapest one which offers national service is FLIXBUS, but there are also local ones FROM NAPOLI ——> CLP SERVICE
            FROM ROME ——-> SAPS BUS
  • Where should I send my Learning Agreement?
    The University of Foggia accepts only ONLINE LEARNING AGREEMENT (OLA) according to Erasmus without Paper Project. All the learning agreements will have to be elaborated through the Erasmus Dashboard  so please don't send it by email.
  • When will I receive the invitation/acceptance letter?
    The invitation/acceptance letter is sent mainly to non-European students as it is necessary for the entrance visa. The University of Foggia will send the invitation/acceptance letter after that the student applied in our on-line application form.
  • Where can I find the academic calendar?
    The academic calendar is published on the following link
    The academic calendar may slightly differ according to the department in which you study. Students are strongly recommended to arrive not later than a week before classes start.
  • Does the University offer Italian language courses?
    To  help  Erasmus students  incoming with or without  knowledge of the italian language, the University of Foggia organizes free Italian language courses. These courses are offered at the beginning of each semesters . To all students who attend the course and pass the final exam will be given 3 ECTS credits by the University of Foggia. Those students who intend to attend the language course are invited to include it in their Learning Agreement with the following phrase: “Italian language course for Erasmus students”.
  • Which documents should I send to the University of Foggia before my arrival?
    Our application process is exclusively online, so you do not need to send any document by e-mail.
  • Where can I find details on my Erasmus Coordinator?
    The list of our Erasmus Department Coordinators and their contact details are available on the following link
  • Where can I find the course catalogue?
    The course catalogues and our degree courses are available on the following link
  • Does International relations Office have  a page on Facebook?
    The International Relations Office has a specific Facebook page
  • What to do when I arrive?
    We are working remotely so please send us an email with your boarding pass at your arrival 
  • Where can I obtain a Tax Code?
    To obtain a Tax Code, you have to go to Agenzia delle Entrate, Via Francesco Marcone 9, Foggia.
  • What kind of facilities are available for Erasmus Students?
    - The University Sports Center – CUS  is part of the National network of University Sports Centers (CUSI) aiming at promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports among University students. Several sports and facilities are offered by C.U.S. For further information visit the webpage
    - Conservatory of Music “Umberto Giordano”. The University of Foggia has a bilateral agreement with The Conservatory of Foggia ”Umberto Giordano. If you are a musician and you are interested in continuing to practice music and in attending free classes from the Professors of the Conservatory of Foggia, please send us an email with : your name and surname and the instrument that you play.
  • What should I do after I finish my Erasmus period in Foggia?
    During the pandemic we are working remotely so please when you finish your erasmus period send us an email:
    - The Certificate of attendance.
    The dates indicated on the document will be:
    arrival: at your first appearance at our office
    departure – the day of the student’s last personal appearance at our office.
    - Transcription of records
    Please note that all passed courses will be listed on your transcript but no failed courses will be listed. Only courses you have taken at the University of Foggia will appear on your transcript.