By means of the Erasmus Sectoral Programme, students can spend a study term at a University of one of the countries participating in the Programme that has signed a bilateral agreement with the University of Foggia.

Erasmus students, who can receive an ad hoc EU contribution or only get the Erasmus status (without scholarship), have the possibility of taking courses and making use of the structures available in the host University without any additional registration fees, with the guarantee of the acknowledgement of the study term abroad through the transfer of the relative credits.

To such end, remember that the University of Foggia has adopted a set of Regulations for acknowledging study terms taken abroad, which shall be referred to for any additional information.

Thanks to the Erasmus Programme, students are able to live cultural experiences abroad, know new higher education systems, improve their knowledge of at least one foreign language and meet young students from other countries, thus actively participating in the construction of an ever more united Europe.