Important notice regarding the organization of teaching and learning activities and exams

18 March 2020

During the whole emergency period, the academic activity (lessons, exercises, tutoring, student reception, etc.) will be carried out only remotely.

The lessons will be delivered in synchronous audio-video streaming, respecting the didactic calendars. All streaming lessons will however be recorded and made available on the dedicated IT platform and can be used by students on demand.

All the didactic material eventually used will be made available online.

Students’ tutoring and reception activities will be assured via e-learning platform. Each professor will be responsible for making the reception hours known, through the virtual room (section called "Collaborate") available on the e-learning platform.


Exams and on going tests are held exclusively via e-learning platform. Exams session period is confirmed.

Students will be informed at least one week before in case of the appeal will be rescheduled.

The remote examination can take place in one of the following ways:

  • Public oral exam in video conference, using the "Collaborate" virtual room available on the University's e-learning platform.
  • Written exam by assigning a test to be taken within a period of time and via e-learning platform, on the same section of the course web page, in order for the professor to evaluate it.
  • Questionnaire to be filled in online

Internship activities in place are suspended.

The internship activities in Medical Area will be carried out only remotely and may include, for example, the processing of data relating to clinical cases, data collection, practical - administrative exercises to be carried out through reports, etc. in agreement with the coordinators and / or tutors.


The information relating to the remote reception hours will be promptly updated.


In-Library Consultation and Loan is suspended for the entire emergency period. The University is making every effort to give the students access to online databases.

Tutorials of how to use of E-Learning platforms are available at the following address

Informazioni per servizio attività didattiche elearning