The ILO works as an interface between university research and the productive system, guaranteeing the transfer of technologies from the university internal structures to the different regional, national and transnational productive contexts, also gathering the technological innovation instances coming from the market. In addition, it has the important and delicate task of taking care of all the aspects connected with the protection of intellectual property in relation to the research products of our University and of facilitating technology transfer.

The ILO of the University of Foggia is committed to making its own contribution so that the University of Foggia becomes the “immovable” engine of local development, according to the “open innovation” approach, which has been identified by many sectors as the third dimension of Universities (after teaching and research: the development of the territory). It is enough to think that the different EU funding programmes (e.g. the 2007 – 2013 Research & Competitiveness NOP) are still anchored to this (new) university dimension, i.e. the virtuous liaisons with the territory and the productive system.

The objectives of the ILO can be summarised in a few clear points

  • to manage and enhance to the full the heritage of technologies, knowledge, research and studies produced by the University of Foggia
  • to promote the transfer of such know-how to the productive contexts of our territory

The ILO of the Università degli Studi di Foggia has been enhanced thanks to

  • the NILO-Puglia project, co-funded by the MIUR and conducted by the four Public University of Puglia between 2006 and 2008 (Notice No. 527, Art. 12 of Italian Ministerial Decree No. 262 dated 5th August 2004 related to the university system programming for the 2004-2006 period)
  • the REGIONAL ILO project, funded by the Puglia Region through the ARTI within the A.P.Q (Framework Programme Agreement)