The ILO is engaged in a large number of activities.

Enhancing research results
  • following the entire patenting process, from the identification of inventions susceptible of patent protection to the patenting and possible exploitation of patents, afterwards studying possible (and optimal) enhancement hypotheses in synergy with inventors
  • guaranteeing support for the formulation and assessment of business plans for spin-off initiatives, promoting their launch and studying the identification of useful economic and management instruments for the start-up and growth of the spin-off company
  • by providing support to start-up and spin-off companies, generating the transfer of research and know-how to the outside, as well as bringing about the growth of employment and local development
  • increasing the research contracts for the University through the different ILO’s initiatives and, as a result, generating economic returns for the university, while also contributing to an increase in qualified employment in the territory
Offering services to companies
  • disseminating the knowledge and operative capacities of the University to companies, Organisations and Institutions (not only those of the territory), speeding up the identification of those University structures that are most appropriate for solving their specific problems
  • supporting the production of enhancement events, such as conventions, trade fairs and “open university” days
  • enhancing and publicizing the University’s skills and research structures
Communicating and disseminating the culture of intellectual property
  • disseminating the culture of intellectual property
  • developing information services to the companies and to the territory, as well as services in order to meet the demand for innovation, also through computer methodologies, ICT tools and web services

In addition to acting as interface between university research and the productive system, the ILO of the University of Foggia participates in several funded research activities to give support to the technology transfer and innovation activities:

  • Network of the ILOs of the State Universities of Puglia (NILO Puglia) - National Operative Programme “Scientific Research, Technology Development, Higher Education”, 2000-2006
  • Industrial Liaison Office (ILO Puglia) - Framework Programme Agreement (FPA) in terms of scientific research, drawn up among the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research and the Puglia Region

Moreover, the UniFG ILO is connected with the main national and European networks for supporting the technology transfer and innovation activities.