Proposing party: Prof. Pierpaolo Limone, working at the Human Sciences Department, Human Sciences Department. Territory, cultural heritage, literary civilization, education (DISCUM), School of Education Sciences, Università degli Studi di Foggia.
The company operates in sectors connected with the world of research, particularly in the field of multimedia design, distance education and innovative communication processes.
The main field of activity is the development of digital contents for education in formal (schools, universities) and informal (publishing industry, museums, parks, exhibitions) contexts. The company produces multimedia contents for mixed communication projects (digital/analogue), in line with the new media and culture convergence scenarios that characterise present-day digital society.
The corporate purpose involves the following activities:

  • “Edition of software (computer games)” (ATECO code 58.21.0)
  • “Film, video and television programme production activities” (ATECO code 59.11.00)
  • “Film, video and television programme distribution activities” (ATECO code 59.13.00)
  • “Consultancy in the information technology sector” (ATECO codes 62.02.0)
  • “Other service activities connected with information technologies” (ATECO codes 69.09.0)
  • “Hosting data processing and related activities” (ATECO codes 63.11);
  • “Web portals” (ATECO codes 63.12.00)
  • “Other not classified elsewhere information service activities” (ATECO codes 63.99.0)
  • “Public relations and communication” (ATECO codes 70.21.0)
  • “Experimental research and development in the field of social and humanistic sciences” (ATECO code 72.20.0)
  • “Publicity agencies” (ATECO codes 73.11.00)
  • “Activities by graphic designers” (ATECO codes 74.10.2)
  • “Other design activities” (ATECO codes 74.10.9)
  • “Activity of photo shooting” (ATECO codes 74.20.01)
  • “Translation and interpreting” (ATECO codes 74.30.0)
  • “Public relations and communication” (ATECO codes 74.14.5)
  • “Organisation of conventions and trade fairs” (ATECO codes 82.30.0)
  • “Activities of libraries and archives” (ATECO codes 91.01.0)
  • “Higher secondary education (IFTS – Istruzione e formazione tecnica superiore)” (ATECO codes 85.41.0)
  • “Support activity for artistic performances” (ATECO codes 90.02.0)

The incorporation proposal was approved by the Università degli Studi di Foggia with a resolution by the Academic Senate on 16/03/2011 and by the Board of Directors on 22/03/2011. The company was incorporated in 2011.

The University of Foggia participates by 5% of the share capital.