Object of the assessment:

  • results of the scientific research of research structures (Universities)
  • departments (or similar bodies into which the structures are divided)

The RQA (Research Quality Assessment) takes the university department as a reference functional organisational model of the structures. The assessment is divided into the 14 research areas indicated by the CUN. The assessed individuals are researchers (with permanent or fixed-term contracts), assistant professors, full and associate professors (with permanent or fixed-term contracts), in service on the date of the call. The assessed individuals belong to the structure in which they work on such date. Cineca makes the lists of the assessed individuals included in the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) databases available. The products taken into consideration by the groups of assessment experts are:- articles on journals;- books, chapters of books and congress proceedings, only if they have ISBN - critical editions, translations and scientific remarks- patents awarded in the seven-year period of which the assessed individual who submits it is author/co-author;- compositions, drawings, designs, performance, organised exhibitions, manufactures, prototypes and works of art and their projects, databases and software, thematic maps, only if accompanied by publications aimed at allowing their adequate assessment.