President: prof. Dario Colella
    Via Napoli, 109 - 71122 Foggia
    Tel 0881 716923
  • Ei-Center

    To acquire Eipass certifications, you need to go to an accredited Ei-center and get an Ei-card with the necessary credits to take the exams of the chosen certification.

    via Arpi, 155 - 71121 Foggia
    Tel. 0881 587641
  • CUT

    The CUT - Centro Universitario Teatrale of Foggia is a cultural association. The CUT has study and research purpose in the field of communication entrusted to theatrical language, training, practice, collective elaboration and dissemination of theatre, recitative activity in general and organisation of events.

    This cultural association is located on via Arpi 155, at the Department of Humanities. Literature, Cultural Heritage, Education Sciences.

    via Arpi, 155 - 71121 Foggia
  • Test center ECDL

    The ECDL test center is the structure that makes college students certified European Computer Driving Licence, also known as the European license for the use of computers attesting to the possession of a basic computer skills.

    via Gramsci, 89/91 - 71121 Foggia
    Phone: 0881 338338-320
  • CLA - University Language Centre

    Palazzo Ricciardi (ground floor)
    Piazza Santa Chiara, n. 2
    71121 Foggia (Italy)
    Tel. 0881 338370-426-411
    Fax 0881 338385