University Sports Centre (CUS: Centro Universitario Sportivo)

The CUS - Centro Universitario Sportivo of Foggia was officially founded in May of 2003 with the first meeting in which the first chairman in its history was appointed: the exceptional Prof. Giacomo Zanni, a teacher of the Agrarian Studies Faculty of the University of Foggia, but who is also an experienced sportsman who had been a member of the local CUS of Parma.

Short after that, the first office of the association for the organisation of institutional activities was opened in the new administrative building of the University of Foggia located on via Gramsci.

Since the 2007-08 academic year, the CUS – in total synergy with the University and the Province of Foggia – has been managing the new university sports facilities located on via Napoli 109, Foggia, within the premises of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

In January of 2012, the Foggia CUS board meeting convened for deciding upon the new offices for the 2012-2014 years appointed the second chairman in the still short CUS history: Dario Colella, teacher of Teaching Methods of Motor Activities of the Degree Course in Motor and Sports Activities Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine of Foggia. He is a sportsman and a man of culture who has already gained experience for some years in the local CUS of Salento.