The academic senate is the place of the representation bodies of all the components, instances and different scientific-teaching-cultural areas of the academic community; expresses the orientations of the academic policy and verifies its achievement, playing a propelling, advisory and political-institutional control role; in particular, formulates proposals and opinions for programming, teaching, research, services to students; conducts coordination and link functions with the departments and the interdepartmental structures that may have been established; takes on the initiative for the no-confidence motion to the rector; approves the university regulations falling within its own competences, as well as the regulations of the teaching and research structures; verifies the existence of the subjective requirements for the internal and external applicants for the office of member of the board and selects the applications; decides upon the violations of the code of ethics; promotes the cooperation with other universities and cultural national and international research institutions; ensures the constant connection with the institutions and the social and productive forces.