Who is the Students’ Defender and what does he do?

By means of Rector’s decree no. 4673 – VII/4 Rep. No. 206/2013 dated 20th February 2013, Dr. Domenico Addante was appointed as Students’ Defender of the Università degli Studi di Foggia for the 2013/2017 academic period.

The Students’ Defender is in charge of guaranteeing the protection and effectiveness of students’ rights.

How is the Students’ Defender’s intervention requested?

The Students’ Defender’s intervention is requested by submitting a written request (in person, by mail or by e-mail) filling in the form published on this page and which is also available at the Students’ Defender’s Office. The request shall be necessarily signed and may be supported with documents proving the reasons stated. Anonymous requests shall not be accepted. The University and the Students’ Defender guarantee – within the scope of their activity – confidentiality for those who apply to the Defender and the official secret regarding the information obtained in the pursuance of their duties.

How does the Students’ Defender work?

In order to guarantee the impartiality and transparency of the University activities, the Students’ Defender assesses the request that has been submitted and, if necessary, asks for clarification on such regard, either verbally or in writing. Every year, the Students’ Defender sends to the Rector and to the Student Council a report on the activity conducted during the previous year.