Document Delivery (DD) service request

The Document Delivery (DD) service provides copies of bibliographic material that is not part of the resources of the University Libraries and of the SBN Pole of Foggia. In addition, such service enables to send to the Libraries that belong to the National Library System, of the Universities and Research Centres that ensure the reciprocity of the service, the copies of documents that are part of its own bibliographic resources.

Who can make use of the service

This service can be used by the following categories of users: teachers, researchers, postgraduate students, and undergraduates, students registered for scientific specialisation and higher education courses, research fellows, doctorate students, and technical-administrative staff.

Procedure to submit requests

Before submitting the request, the user must make sure that the documents are not present in the Collective Catalogue of the University (OPAC).

The requests are personally submitted to the employees of the Document Delivery service of the relative University Libraries.
Once the service activation has been confirmed, the user could incur some expenses according to the indications in Refund of expenses.

Service characteristics

Once the request has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled.

A maximum number of three simultaneous loan requests of document copies per user per week is allowed.
The user will be able to make copies in compliance with the regulations in force as regards the protection of copyright (Law 633/41 and subsequent amendments, particularly Law 248/00 and Italian Legislative Decree No. 68 dated 9th April 2003), which may have been supplemented with additional indications by the lending library.

Refund of expenses

Users shall be responsible for paying any expense that may be requested by the external Libraries that provide the service without following a free reciprocity modality, according to the modes that have been agreed upon.


Any user who does not withdraw the requested material shall still pay any service expenses.