Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service request by internal users

The interlibrary loan service provides bibliographic material that is not part of the resources of the University Libraries and of the SBN Pole of Foggia. In addition, such service enables to send to the Libraries that belong to the National Library System, of the Universities and Research Centres that ensure the reciprocity of the service, the volumes that are part of its own bibliographic resources.

This service can be used by the following categories of users: teachers, researchers, postgraduate students, and undergraduates, students registered for scientific specialisation and higher education courses, research fellows, doctorate students, and technical-administrative staff.

Procedure to submit requests

Before submitting the request, the user must make sure that the documents are not present in the Collective Catalogue of the SBN Pole of Foggia (OPAC).

The requests shall be submitted to the Library, Archive and Museum System Department – Interlibrary Loan (Dipartimento Sistema Bibliotecario, Archivi e Musei - Prestito interbibliotecario) – by filling in the specific form, which can be handed in personally or sent attached by e-mail to the address

In the form, the fields related to the complete bibliographic data of the document (title, author, publisher, year of publication) and the user’s identification data (Surname, Name, registration number, contact addresses) must be filled in. Should such information be missing, the request will not be accepted.

Once the service activation has been confirmed, the user shall make a payment following the modalities indicated in Refund of expenses.

Loan duration and limits

The permanence of the volumes obtained by means of interlibrary loan and the authorization for home loan are established by the lending library.

Once the loan has expired, the volume shall be returned to the lending library even if the requesting user – duly informed – has not examined the volume yet.

Once the request has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled.

A maximum number of three simultaneous loan requests per user per week is allowed.

The user will be able to make copies in compliance with the regulations in force as regards the protection of copyright (Law 633/41 and subsequent amendments, particularly Law 248/00 and Italian Legislative Decree No. 68 dated 9th April 2003), which may have been supplemented with additional indications by the lending library.

Material withdrawal

The user will be promptly informed about the arrival of the document by e-mail or telephone, and shall withdraw it from the interlibrary loan Office. The user may withdraw the material only after showing the receipt of payment of the rate requested as refund of expenses.

Refund of expenses

The expenses related to loans and copies shall be paid by the user. Their amount is variable and depends on the rates established by the individual supplying Libraries. In any case, a rate of € 4.00 shall be applied for each volume requested through interlibrary loan, in favour of the Università degli Studi di Foggia, to cover the service.

Payment terms and sanctions
  • through giro current account no. 12578738 payable to: Università degli Studi di Foggia indicating in the "comunicazioni" (communications) field: “Rimborso spese prestito ILL del volume” (Refund of expenses for ILL of the volume) [title of the volume].
  • through on-line bank transfer specifying in the cause “prestito interbibliotecario” (interlibrary loan) Banca popolare di Bari – sede di Potenza, IBAN: IT38B0542404297000007001002 payable to: Università degli Studi di Foggia

The user shall return the volumes in the same preservation conditions in which they were when he/she received them. In case of damage or loss, the user shall replace the damaged or lost volumes with other new volumes or refund the Library for the expenses incurred in order to replace them.

Those users who return volumes late shall be suspended from the service. Those users who have been suspended from the services by the Libraries of the University Library System may not make use of the interlibrary loan service until the suspension period has elapsed. Any user who does not withdraw the requested material shall still pay the service expenses.