A young and dynamic university

Since its foundation (Italian Ministerial Decree 05.08.1999), the Università degli Studi di Foggia has presented – in terms of education and research – a dynamic and innovative proposal. A module characterised by didactics in step with the territorial requirements, by applied local research projects, internationalization, orientation, cultural events and promotion of University activities.

The six Departments (“Sciences of Agriculture, Food and Environment”, “Economics”, “Law”, “Humanities. Literature, Cultural Heritage, Education Sciences”, “Clinical and Experimental Medicine”, “Medical and Surgical Sciences”) with three-year degree courses, the specialist degrees, the Master’s degree courses, an Interdepartmental Research centre, the large number of Master’s courses, research doctorates, and the specialist colleges have contributed to turning the University of Foggia into a cultural centre in which young people can acquire professional training that meets the needs expressed by society and the world of work.

During last year – and in line with the actions undertaken in previous years – the Università degli Studi di Foggia has expanded and consolidated all the initiatives and activities aimed at improving and qualifying the teaching methodology, research, international relations (by participating in a large number of international cooperation projects promoting students’ and teachers’ exchange), services to students, as well as the development of the university buildings (with the adaptation of the existing structures and the acquisition of new ones), the information system and the library system.

Innovative services specifically developed for students

These are some of the services offered to the students: The Student Card, which provides on-line services to students and teachers. The Student Card is an electronic card with which students can book exams on line, check the examination dates, make sure that their personal details and the data related to the payment of tuition fees and other contributions are correct. The Work Orientation Information Point (or Placement Office), which provides information to graduates/undergraduates who are looking for work as well as to companies, conducts post-graduate orientation activities in order to help graduates get into the world of work, and promotes the encounter between the demand for, and the offer of work. The Work Placements and Apprenticeships Office gives students and graduates the possibility of interacting with companies, thus making them enrich their own preparation and acquire useful skills to get into the world of work. The Laboratory for Skill Balancing gives all the University undergraduates and graduates the possibility of participating in educational and professional orientation meetings free of charge. The University Language Centre organises courses aimed at teaching foreign languages, Italian courses for foreign students, preparation courses for those students participating in European exchange projects (Erasmus, international Masters) and coordinates the activities for issuing the language certifications recognised at European level. The University Test Centre is a structure accredited by the Associazione Italiana per il Calcolo Elettronico (Italian Association for Computer Science) (A.I.C.A.) and authorised to issue a degree for the European Computer Driving Licence (E.C.D.L.), which certifies the basic computer training given by 17 European countries. The University Sports Centre (CUS Foggia) constitutes a point of reference for those students who want to participate in the different sports activities, either at beginners’ or competitive level. Every year, the CUS offers a series of courses, and organises competitions, recreational events, tournaments, as well as competitive activities at federal level.

In addition, computer services have been implemented for students, with the Certified and Safe E-Mail system (Posta Elettronica Certificata e Sicura, PECS), VOIP services for students and staff; the ‘student file’ has been developed; the on-line pre-enrolment systems have been improved so that applicants can enrol for the admission tests to limited number graduate courses; the procedures for booking and recording of exams have been extended to all the Departments. The House Information Point has been operating for several years to promote the encounter between the demand for, and the offer of lodgings in the city so as to contribute to keep the rent down.

The Università degli Studi di Foggia also offers the WeST Information Point (Web Senza Tabù, Web Without Taboo), which is an on-line information centre dedicated to students with disabilities. The WeST Information Point gives constantly updated news regarding not only University-related issues but also social and cultural themes at local and national level.